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Obtaining Study Visa is certainly a daunting task and an important step that students need to go through to study in the university/ college/ school of their choice in the foreign country. With the aim of helping the ambitious students to remain at the forefront and to build a successful career, we, at GAC, focus on making the intricate process hassle free and address all the requirements precisely that are involved in the visa acquisition process.

Take a glimpse of the unique features of our services that got us the dominant position in the industry:

Award Winner

Mr. Puneet Chopra, the Director of GAC, is the award winner for maintaining the highest visa success rate due to the excellent track record of getting study visa to the students. He has independently counseled more than 12,000 clients and successfully processed more than 10,000 visas since GAC’s inception, a majority of which are the STUDY VISA for the students going abroad for their studies. This can be clearly attributed to the attention even to minutest step involved in the process which rules out any chances of denial and enhances the possibility of getting a study visa for our students.

Knowledge about western culture

Mr. Puneet Chopra, the Director, studied at Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom. He carries immense knowledge about the western culture which he acquired while living and studying overseas. He understands the problems of students and is very well aware of what needs to be done to overcome those problems. Therefore, the services which we offer to students stem from his personal experiences that he gained and brought to the table.

His experience and familiarity with the western culture are when added to the experience of the staff works wonder in adding value to our services to the students. We are the best at understanding the student’s issues and concerns and finally in addressing them effectively when deciding about their career plans and sending them abroad.

 Post-Landing Services

We provide a number of essential post landing services that help students in the smooth transition and adjusting to the foreign environment. Students often find difficulty in settling down on going abroad. We provide a range of services like the arrangement of accommodation, obtaining job cards and helping students in finding part-time work which helps them in staying away from paying the extra rent, wasting time in search of jobs and meeting their other expenses on getting part-time jobs.

In regard to the accommodation, we help students in finding the best match available at affordable price. We, further, help our students in obtaining job cards and finding a part-time job for them by making them constantly aware of the job market and the business environment. This we achieve through our strong professional network and counseling sessions.

 We aim to make our students feel comfortable in a new country with a wide range of our post landing services. The services we offer are long lasting that they can avail long after going abroad for their studies thus making us the best and the only study visa consultants students should get in touch with for their study visa.

 Professionally Qualified Advisors

We are a team of qualified advisors who offer in-depth information about the entire process and lend assistance to our students at every stage by offering quality guidance. Our loyalty, experience, and professionalism help us in exceeding the expectations of our students in regard to the services provided to them in the process of acquiring the study visa.

Quality and Reliable Counseling

We always offer honest counseling to the students considering their career interests and ensure complete transparency and disclosure of information.

Visa Laws

We are well versed in the rules and regulations that govern the study visa and keep ourselves abreast of the amendments in the norms and policies from time to time. This way we ensure that our students never experience a delay in gaining their study visa by strictly complying with the applicable laws.

Form Filling

Form filling is the first step towards getting the study visa. The terms used in the form and instructions are often complex that leave students confused. That confusion if not well-taken care of may lead to errors in the form. We help students to fill out the form by guiding every single point and forward it to the concerned authority so that there are no chances of errors or incomplete documentation. This increases the success rate of the application forms of our students.

Document Assessment

Assessment of Document is a vital step involved in the process, in the absence of which students get confused. We, with the prime motive, to achieve success and to vanish the fear in the student’s mind of the rejection of their visa application, conduct document assessment carefully and ensure that all the necessary documents are accurate as per the ongoing norms and attached to the student’s visa application in the prescribed order.

Actual Status

We never beat around the bush. We intimate our students the real status of their application form at every stage without concealing the truth to eliminate any stress or tensions in their minds.

Selection of Universities/Colleges

We are into this business from past ten years. We know which Universities or colleges are best for Students and we, therefore, help in choosing the right ones considering their academic background, career interests, and budget. This land our students in the educational institute best for them that proves very beneficial by opening many job prospects in future.

Student’s Centric Services

We always keep in mind the interests of our students and understand the importance of their dreams and aspirations. We focus on giving maximum value to the hard earned money of our students and worth to the precious time involved in the process through our authentic advice and assistance.

Valid document

We address all the study visa requirements successfully and ensure that students get a valid document in their hands that will keep their feet in the local places of their dream destination.

A help for informed decision

We ensure hundred percent success in every case. We are here to help you to discover the best option for you and help you in making an informed decision towards your best educational investment that would prove to be your life-changing decision.

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Know Why You Should Consult Us for Study Visa
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