Why You Should Study In Australia

Why You Should Study In Australia

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students. Students from all around the world crave to pursue their studies from Australia . Ever Wondered what special this nation offers that attracts countless students and made it a favorable option for pursuing studies? Read on to know deeper aspects of this promising land rich.

1. Top Universities

One apparent reason that attracts many students from all over the world is global recognition to Australian Universities. Many Universities of Australia have made it to the top according to The QS Ranking.

2. Students friendly cities

Another point that is holding student’s attention is its cities that are student friendly. Almost 6 cities were considered most students amicably and were included in The QS Ranking. Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide are just the name of few cities that have been considered best for Indian students.These cities provide the best environment for students to educate themselves in terms of academic or professional education. Students also get the perfect place to gain exposure through extracurricular activities that offer them amusement and relaxation.

3. ESOS Act, 2000

Australia protects international students through strict laws under “Education services for overseas students (ESOS) Act, 2000”. This act ensures the students from other countries receive the same standard of education as Australian students receive.

4. Wide Range of Courses

Whether it is a bachelor’s degree you are looking for or masters or doctoral-level studies or any certificate or diploma that you have been planning to receive, there is nothing that this country has not to offer. Australia offers studies at all levels.

5. Relaxing Student Visa Policies

  • Earlier, Only IELT’s was accepted. As of now, DIBP also accepts PTE and TOEFL.
  • Earlier, students had to show sufficient amount of funds for 18 months to receive their ” Student Visa”. But, In order to help international students fulfill their dreams of gaining education from Australia, DIBP ( The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection) relaxed the student visa policies. Now, Students have to show funds for a period of 12 months only. This has also resulted in an increase in the number of students wishing to study in Australia.

6. Great Work opportunities

A student visa allows students to work up to twenty hours per week through the semester. There is no limit on the number of working hours during vacations. This facilitates students to bear up their cost to a great extent by doing part-time jobs when pursuing their studies.

Further, international students are also granted a visa for a period of another 18 months after completion of studies. This visa is granted so that students can look up jobs for themselves. However, it is granted only when students have completed their education.

7. Scholarships are the savior

International students are also granted scholarships to cover up their costs. Different universities offer the different type of scholarships which share the burden of finances on the shoulders of students. An amount equivalent to minimum 200 Million Dollars is kept aside by the Australian Government every year solely for scholarship purposes to international students.

 8. Cost of living

Many individuals want to pursue their education from Australia because the cost of living is comparatively low. While the Living standard in Australia is rated among the highest. Now, who would not want to study in such a country that offers remarkably high standards in terms of living, earning an education while at the same time demanding less cost.

9. No language barrier

Language act as a barrier when someone moves out of his nation and even the shortest conversations with others become a challenging task. However, Australians speak English. This means students don’t face any major challenges in their conversation with anybody. Of course, slangs are abundantly used in Australia but learning them is not a big deal in comparison to altogether a new language.

Why You Should Study In Australia
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